August Third Thursday at The McAlpin

Featuring a menu for our Mamas, Third Thursday was great fun. We honored our Moms whose birthdays are this week with Caitlin's spin on all their favorite foods. A delicious tribute to the women we love, love, love the most.

Butterfly Crackers with Shaved Ham and Boursin
Lobster Broth with Fresh Dill
Fava Bean Succotash
Flounder Piccata
Beefy Lass
Chicken Pot Pie Sandwich
Caramel Cream Ice Cream Float
Homemade Graham Crackers with Butter
Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes

Brew Ha Ha

While we didn't get to partake in too much of the brew, we were serving up a healthy dose of ha ha with our sandwiches all weekend. What a total kick it is to participate in Cincinnati's coolest festival, Brew Ha Ha. And what a treat it is to serve regulars in the middle of Sawyer Point. Chorizo and Char Cheddar Burgers, and Hot Beef Sandwiches too. Thanks for visiting!


The Cooking with Caitlin Show with Special Guest Buddy LaRosa

That's right, we got to host the hardest working man in pizza for the FINAL Cooking with Caitlin Show. And he did not disappoint. Buddy is the dear man we all imagine him to be -- a gift to our fare city.

Through sweltering heat, we laughed, laughed, laughed, and loved, loved, loved every bite we ate. THANK YOU Buddy!

Strauss & Troy Market on the Square: Caesar and Braciole Burgers

Lunch on the Square with the regular crew -- we look forward to it all week. This Tuesday past we shared Caesar Burgers, and the brand new Braciole Burger. (Make them for yourself this weekend; we'll see you on Tuesday.)


The Cooking with Caitlin Show with Special Guest Domenico Germano

When there's risotto in the pan, all is right with the world. And last week, when we hosted the lovely and talented Domenico Germano of Germano's Restaurant in Montgomery, it was ALL GOOD.

Much like his jarred sauces and recently released extra virgin olive oil are the perfect compliment to any meal, Domenico's expertise and anecdotes were the PERFECT accompaniment to the creation of an Italian feast.

It was nothing short of a buon giorno! all the way around.

Strauss & Troy Market on the Square: Caesar and Mexican Burgers

Caitlin did it again...in the rain. Despite the uncooperative weather, we dished up our Caesar and Mexican Burgers for one more week. Many thanks to the die-hard devotees who make the hike down to the Market each week, rain or shine.


The Cooking with Caitlin Show with Special Guests Joe and Dave Herbert

Even if you don't know their names, you KNOW the Herbert Brothers. They're the ones who won the Super Bowl ad contest and $1 million from Doritos. With ten years invested in their American Dream, they became "overnight successes" with a crystal ball smashing through a vending machine.

Since then they've won several awards for their board game that "smart AND stupid" people can play called TRIVIATHON from Jeezle Pete's.

Joe and Dave themselves are a portable party. We are tickled they brought the party to The Cooking with Caitlin stage.