Third Thursday Night 01-17-08

As I saddle up to the computer to write this, my belly struggles to make room for the food and the baby filling it up, not to mention the keyboard before it. In the immortal words of The Four Seasons, "Oh what a night!" New faces, new foods. And new ideas for baby names -- Juniper Berry, Orange Zest, maybe even Sage. You know, Sage, like Cher or Madonna. Sage. I dig it. They were also delicious in the venison burgers. And who knew they liked venison burgers? Not a soul in the room, I suspect, until they tasted it all Caitlined-up.

I am tickled by tonight's turnout. It's always a treat to see familiar faces brighten up the room. Thank goodness for our groupies. Thank goodness for our groupie recruits as well. How very fun to have the Donovan Crew in the house. And the Boot Camp Babes, a rocking group of gals who clearly would be embarrassed to order a sorry little salad for dinner. Not to mention the lovely addition of rediscovered old friends who aren't afraid to talk about chicory and saddle up to some meat. A hearty bunch; Third Thursdays are not for the faint of heart.

As I drag my preggo bod to bed, I know that I've fed not only my tummy and my baby and my steady search for her perfect name, but also my mind. Having savored bite after bite of a power food creatively cooked up, I can lay my head to rest knowing that I will awake sharp as cheddar, youthful as the children I chase, bright as a shiny copper penny. And hungry for Caitlin-style Third Thursdays to come.