Desserts and Dancing for Melanoma

Saturday night Cooking with Caitlin participated in a fundraiser for Melanoma awareness and research. As we prepared for the night, I reflected on the disease and its role in my life. Since no one very close to me has been afflicted with Melanoma, I could only relate in the way that I proactively protect my family from it. Sunscreen when it’s sunny. Umbrellas on the beach. Hats at Reds games.

But I knew it’s a cancer and THAT word scares me. I absolutely have watched cancer end lives and ruin others. Suddenly I was not looking forward to the event at all. In fact, I was dreading delivering desserts to a cancer party. There’s just nothing sweet about it.

And then we got there… I was befuddled to find dresses and drinks and dancing. A good time? Yes! A good time indeed.

I learned right away the night was a celebration of the lives lost to Melanoma. Every bet made, smile exchanged, drink downed raised money to fight the disease and, in that way honored each life affected by it. A wonderful time was had by all. (Check out the pictures below.) We were honored to have been there.


Cause Catalyst: Melanoma


Weather Delay - Not Canceled!

Trust me when we say that we are just as disappointed that tonight's Third Thursday was rescheduled due to weather. Thank you so much for supporting us and we look forward to seeing you very soon (rescheduled date - TBD)!

When I lived in California, once I was told to leave work because we were going to have a "bad rain."  Oh yes, that's the truth.  Everyone stay safe!


Dreams of a Weight Watcher

Dancing sugar plums do not visit me seasonally. No, no; I see strawberry fields forever and always. Every night, in fact, the mixing bowl that is my mind begins the prep work on the nightly feast I find in my sleep.

I wrap myself tightly like a burrito. I close my eyes and am transported to the pillowy gnocchi clouds of my dreams. In this Willy Wonka vacationland, there is no mud, just Nutella. The puddles are of pudding. And the snowflakes I catch on my tongue are sugary sweet…

I awake to a bittersweet reality: Life is grand, but broccoli is better for me.


Life in the Big City

Let’s just say it doesn’t start ‘til dark. Dinner doesn’t, anyway. Until 10 p.m. to be exact. I know this after our whirlwind dance through New York City last week. Caitlin, Molly, and I had planned it as an eating tour of the city. We never expected to devour every morsel in every New York minute.

In one turn of the fork, I was trading popcorn soup and bison burgers with my fellow foodies. In the next, Molly and I were sharing brow-mopping responsibilities on Caitlin who was in a constant state of gape-mouth as the culinary players of her dreams performed fantastic feats on the stage before her.

It was a phenomenal experience. Every moment of our 48-hour trip was carefully and perfectly planned by the Hostess with the Mostess, Molly Nunlist-Young. Let this be just the beginning of our thanks to her and praise for her work. As the moments marinate in my mind, I will delight you with the details.

Signing off with sweet dreams of NYC,

From Ashes to Figs

Let it be known that my new favorite combination is mascarpone cheese and fig jam. Although I’m not a huge meat eater, I do dig it. However, on this, the first week of Lent, I cannot think of one thing to eat or feed my family but meat. And so I have landed on bread smeared with sweet Italian cream cheese and figs.

Thank you Lord.

-- Kelly

Friendship Preschool -- Community Helper Day

Today I got to watch Caitlin work one of her most demanding audiences. An audience that had her a nervous wreck and on her toes – her steel-covered toes, that is. Today Caitlin regaled a room full of four-year-olds with a day in the life of a chef.

I’ve seen Caitlin educate and entertain even the most seasoned chefs, often to the surprise of the chefs themselves, but these guys were not going to let her off so easy. After perching herself upon a miniature chair among the preschoolers, Caitlin was drilled with questions from every corner of the brightly-colored carpet.

Did you cook all night?
How many buttons are on your coat?
What are you wearing under the coat?
What’s that thing around your neck?
Can I try on your hat?
Your shoes are black, can I touch them?

Turns out, Caitlin had cooked all night; her hat indicates her level of chef-dom in the kitchen; and her shoes protect her toes from slippery hands holding pointy knives. What did I know? I thought they matched her outfit.

And so in the spirit of Jack Handey and his Deep Thoughts…
The next time you want to know about the person making your food, send a little kid to ask the tough questions.

-- Kelly
We are excited to tell you about a new website, Tastebook.com that we just came across.  It is an incredible new tool available that allows you to upload recipes and publish your own "tastebook" - cookbook.  We thought that this could be great for family reunions, wedding gifts, Victorian Christmas (St. Ursula), birthday gifts, you name it.  Check it out - it's a unique and affordable gift.
- Molly


January, 2008