Third Thursday Game Recap

OK, I can't help myself...

Last night's event was nothing short of a HOME RUN!

Whew! Thanks for indulging me with the baseball references. It really is true, though. By several accounts, what Caitlin put together last night was genius. And maybe her best yet. The pictures alone will get your juices flowing. (See below.)

While you're checking out the pictures, see if you can spot the Cincinnati favorites Caitlin featured in the menu. (In fact, the first two people who find two faves in the pictures and comment on them in this blog will get their dinner paid for at May's Third Thursday.) As a clue, she incorporated goodies from Servatii's, sweets from Madisono's, and Skyline spices.

Speaking of Cincinnati favorites, thanks to some of our favorite people on the planet. They were all there last night and the most important reason why we can officially chalk up a win for April. (OK, it's out of my system.)

Third Thursday - April


askthebuilder.com - Congratulations to Tim!

We just wanted to take the time to call attention to the latest article in the Business Courier entitled Tri-State askthebuilder.com founder readies firm for anticipated big-bucks sale.

Our friend and mentor Tim Carter is packing it up and moving to the East Coast! He has been tremendously influential (probably more than even he realizes) to the Cooking with Caitlin business model and we are forever grateful. To his successes - and many, many more.

Be sure to take the time to read the article. It is fascinating. Truly fascinating. Love technology...



To those who are studying the photos, there was a LaRosa's box spotted...

It has been brought to our attention by some very loyal Cooking with Caitlin photo- studying fans that we have a pizza box from LaRosa's in the background of one of our photos (we are VERY impressed with the people who discovered this). Note that we did not simply reheat pizza and serve it up to you! Ha!

Instead, we have partnered with LaRosa's for pizza dough! We figure that we are delivering the best dough that Cincinnati has to offer with the best and most creative toppings that Cooking with Caitlin...and therefore Cincinnati...has to offer. :)

Thank you thank you for letting us know. That is what it is all about! What else is on your mind...

- Molly and the CWC Crew

April Third Thursday Event

Take Me Out to…Third Thursday

Spring is looking bright as Brandon Phillips’ smile right about now. With a couple Reds wins already under our belt, CWC is looking to celebrate Great-American-Ball-Park style. In two weeks, Caitlin will be putting her spin on classics that will make your red legs run for home. So, unless you’ll be at Wrigley root-root-rooting for the home team, we look forward to seeing you there.

Come with all your hungry and thirsty friends. The more the merrier!

Some Place Different
8087 Vine Street
Thursday, April 17
7-9 p.m.

Enjoy a taster menu including:
Hot Pretzel Panini
Spicy Chorizo Dogs
Game Day Beer Brittle

Eat until your belly’s full for $20 per person. Quench your thirst at the cash bar.

RSVP with a headcount of you and your friends to Kelly Trush
by Monday, April 14
513.602.2458 or kelly@cookingwithcaitlin.com