Thank you! Thank you!!!


Thank you, thank you!

Below are the photos from the event tonight! Thanks so much we had a great time!

I am told that sometimes the photos rotate through the first couple of photos a few times before the rest of the slideshow picks up. Not sure what is going on with that - sorry! There are about 20 photos in all. I usually open up the blog and then while the photos are first cycling through, I go back to the website and poke around. It generally takes a minute or two.

Let me know if you would like a copy and I can send you the .jpg image.

Most of tonight's recipes are already posted on our website. The homemade marshmallow and salmon burger will be up at the beginning of the week.


Molly (Kelly and Caitlin too)

P.S. If you are hoping not to cook on Wednesday night, be sure to sign up for our next 9-course event.

Thank You, Thank You!


Thank you, thank you!

Thank you again for coming to the October Third Thursday at the McAlpin! We loved having you and hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did!

The photos are posted below. Sometimes, depending upon the browser, the first couple of photos will repeat themselves. That is not something that we purposely did. If that happens, I would suggest leaving the window open and just letting it run its course for a few minutes. It should then cycle through.

Again, thank you VERY much!

Molly (Kelly and Caitlin too)

Thank you, thank you!!! We loved having you!


Google Announced a New Tool: Mail Goggles

So, this is too good to not post. Yes, it has NOTHING to do with cooking, but it does have to do with technology (cooking with caitlin's other love).

Google has just announced a new tool that can be turned on on Friday night and off on Sunday morning to help prevent you from emailing exboyfriends, girlfriends, bosses - you name it - when you shouldn't. Very clever and I know quite a few people who should be keyed into this new technology.

Now, if they don't have their eye on their audience... Check it out (click here).