May Third Thursday - Thank you!

Thank you, thank you for coming to celebrate with us! We hope you enjoyed the May Third Thursday as much as we did. All of this could not be possible without you and we are forever grateful. We hope you enjoy the photos from this month's Third Thursday. I think that Caitlin really outdid herself this time!

Let us know what your favorite item was! What would you like to see more of? Can we come film Caitlin cooking in your kitchen? Tell, tell!

- Molly (Kelly and Caitlin)

May Third Thursday


May Third Thursday

First Birthday Blowout

Oh happy day! Cooking with Caitlin is one year old this month and we want to celebrate with you. Join us for your favorites and ours from all of the past year’s events. If there were ever a Third Thursday to make, THIS IS THE ONE. Caitlin will be cranking out all of her greatest hits. You helped make them hits; come savor them again.

Some Place Different
8087 Vine Street
Thursday, May 15
7-9 p.m.

Enjoy a taster menu including:
Parmesan Tuilles Stuffed with Shredded Caesar Salad
Skyline-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches
Candied Clementines

Eat until your belly’s full for $20 per person. Quench your thirst at the cash bar.

RSVP with a headcount of you and your friends to Kelly Trush
by Monday, May 12.
513.602.2458 or kelly@cookingwithcaitlin.com


By Special Request

Smoked Shrimp Recipe
(Sincerely easy, just a little time-consuming)

Equipment You Need:
Wire Cake Resting Racks
2 Medium-Sized Disposable Aluminum Pans
Mixing Bowl

Ingredients You Need:
1 Bottle of Red Wine
½ Cup of Pesto
¼ Cup of Lemon Juice
1-2 lbs of Uncooked, De-veined, De-shelled Shrimp
2 tsp Salt
½ tsp of Ground Pepper
1 Bag of Hickory Chips
Fresh Basil
Fresh Thyme
Fresh Rosemary

How To Do It:
1. In one of the large aluminum tins, cover the bottom with hickory chips and half of the fresh herbs. Next, cover all of the wood and herbs with water and let them soak for around 30 minutes. (Soaking the wood and herbs will prevent them from burning while you are smoking them.)
2. Clean and prepare the shrimp if they aren’t already. If frozen shrimp is all that you have available, place the frozen shrimp in a large pot and run cold water over them until they are thawed.
3. In a mixing bowl, add the shrimp, lemon juice, salt and pepper, the rest of the herbs, all of the pesto, and enough red wine to cover it all. Combine until it looks like one liquid and all the shrimp are covered. Let marinate for 30 minutes.
4. Drain the the water from woods chips and herbs, and place the tin on 2 burners with the wire racks on top of it. (It will look like a sandwich with on aluminum tin as the bottom, then the wire racks sticking out, and finally the second tin as the cover.)
5. Place the shrimp on the wire racks in a single layer in any position. (If you want them to be fancy and sit up on a plate for presentation, cook them sitting up.)
6. Turn the burners on medium-low heat. (Turn your vent fan on. There won’t be too much smoke, but just for prevention sake.) Do not place the cover on top of the shrimp until you see the smoke and steam coming up. Once you see that smoke is being created cover the shrimp with the top aluminum pan.
7. ***Cooking Process*** Once the smoke is circulating within the pan it should only take about 2-3 minutes. (You don’t need to flip the shrimp at all because the smoke is going all around them.) Take the shrimp off when they are no longer opaque. If you wait for the shrimp to turn paper white and they are super-firm, then you have over-cooked them. You want the shrimp to be firm in texture with a little bounce to them.
8. Once they are cooked, plate and enjoy. For added beautification, paint the bottom of whatever platter with extra pesto before placing the shrimp. You can serve them cold, hot, or room temperature.